Creating curb appeal is important in real estate and can increase value by as much as 17%. But it can be challenging to achieve in the cold weather months.

Here is a list of to-dos from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) that can help sellers create a good first impression, even when the temperatures drop.

Creating Curb Appeal in the Winter Months

  • Focus on safety
    Make sure buyers can safely get into your home by keeping the walkways, stairs and driveway clear of snow, ice and wet, slippery leaves.
  • Showcase winter plants
    Utilize evergreen and cold weather plants like holly, pansies and witch hazel in patio pots and flower beds to add life to the landscape. A live wintergreen wreath is also a nice touch.
  • With decorations, less is more
    When decorating for the holidays, keep it simple and elegant. (Save the inflatable snowman for your new home!)
  • Give the lawn some love
    Keep leaves and debris cleared off the lawn. A carpet of dormant grass gives a better impression (and hint of what’s to come in spring) than dead leaves and twigs.
  • Clean gutters
    Clean gutters and downspouts signal to potential buyers that your home is well-maintained.
  • Utilize outdoor lighting
    Showcase your home on short, grey days with strategically placed outdoor lighting to light up the driveway, pathways and front porch.
  • Prune shrubs & trees
    Don’t wait until an ice or snowstorm hits to tend to the trees in your yard. Prune your plants, trees and shrubs now for a tidy look that will also keep branches from snapping off due to snow and ice.
  • Organize the garage
    Store your outdoor power equipment neatly in the garage, declutter the space and give it a good clean. A tidy garage looks bigger and more inviting.
  • Add birdfeeders
    Create a natural, serene scene (and support pollinators at the same time) by installing a bird feeder or bird garden. A blue jay or cardinal makes a striking image against a winter scene.

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