Got Drought?

You can keep your living landscapes and outdoor space for your family, pets and communities, and be drought responsible. But we have to change how we think about our yards and other landscaped areas.

Before you consider ripping out your lawn or landscape and replace living, growing plants with rocks, mulch, cacti, hardscapes, and artificial grass, consider these questions:

  1. What is my climate zone? What plants, trees, shrubs, grass and flowering plants fit with your climate zone? Many types of grass species, flowering plants and other plants require very little water, and you won’t have to give up the benefits they provide.
  1. What is my lifestyle? Do I have children or pets? Do I like to entertain outside? How do I want to use my yard or outdoor area?
  1. What benefits do I want for my green space to provide? Recreation Wildlife habitat? Stress relief? How important is it to you to contribute to the environmental health of your community?

Learn the Facts: The Environmental Benefits of an Everyday Yard