Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Before you Remove Your Grass

Synthetic Turf Heat Evaluation: Progress Report (University of Pennsylvania, 2012)

Think Before You Remove Your Lawn: The Scientific Benefits of Turfgrass (Dr. Ranajit Sahu)


Your Yard and the Environment

Environmental Benefits of Lawns (The Lawn Institute)

How Turfgrass Affects the Environment (Turfgrass Producers International)

Modeling Carbon Sequestration in Home Lawns (HortScience, May 2011)

Turf Protects the Environment, Benefits Health (University of California, 2002)


Your Yard and Landscape: Knowing What to Plant

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map


Your Trees and Drought

Trees Shouldn’t Suffer Just Because Lawns Do (The Modesto Bee, July 26, 2015)

Urban Trees Dying in Drought: What You Need to Know (KPCC (Southern California Public Radio, June 12, 2015)



Turfgrass Factoids (Turfgrass Producers International)

Grass Purifies Water (The Lawn Institute)


Your Yard and Children

Health Benefits of Outdoor Play (National Wildlife Federation)

Why Green Spaces are Good For Your Kid’s Brain (The Washington Post, June 15, 2015)


Your Yard and Drought

9% – The California Drought and Landscape Water Use (paper by Donald R. Hodel & Dennis R. Pittenger, University of California, May 2015)

The drought needs not be a death sentence for lawns (blog post by Dr. Jim Baird, UC ANR Cooperative Extension turf specialist based at UC Riverside)

Managing turfgrasses during drought (by the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources)

Op-Ed: Go Ahead, Water Your Lawn (Los Angeles Times, Donald R. Hodel & Dennis Pittenger, September 17, 2015)